Steve Peak (forke) wrote,
Steve Peak

Suck it

I'm still working on art for people... and in the process I've gotten much better at drawing specific feature differences in characters. Anyway it's fun, so I'll have one or two finished very soon. Since I often make the art center around it's idea... I have some titles already picked out.
Here are the titles of some:

Nita: "4th Removed"
Sumaie: "Collapse"
Xia: ???????
Airi: "Sed8tion" (I think) OR... "Strange Things"
Musicgod: ?????
Jenie: "Cliffspot"

That's right Xia! No title for yours yet! Suck the juice of VINDICATION!

I think that's all for now. I added some stuff to several of the drawings/paintings, but I had a lack of creativity this week.
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o i cant wait to see it!!!
words cant describe how much i fuckin miss you!!!
love always
hum collapse...sounds interesting <3
luv uu !!
i worked on art last night myself.

i just wanted to let you know i go to often i know nothings changed on it but i love looking at it just knowing its somethings that you created makes me smile your the best why did i leave