Steve Peak (forke) wrote,
Steve Peak


Things are sweet.

The bar just changed ownership. The new owner is a really nice guy.. and I had been planning on quitting because I'm pretty tired of working there... but I was afraid that I would screw them over if I left... so I stuck around. I went into work this Saturday and he basically tells me that they want a girl bartender to work weekends to help business since they're "getting killed" on the weekends. What this means is... I'm fired. I'm ecstatic inside and I'm trying not to smile. They ask me to work the register and I say no way. I'm really fucking glad to have my weekends free! That actually worked out quite well.

My other job is going very well... and being with Lisa is getting better all the time. Couldn't be happier. I've also been working on my side project quite a bit and I'm getting somewhere. I rebuilt the whole thing to make it a bit simpler. It's over at

There still aren't many working parts... other than the login script and some flash that I made... but the skeleton is there. I may have one or two of the sections in working order by the end of the week. It has a wiki section that works but it's not complete enough so there's no link. If anyone has any feedback, I'd love to hear it.

Hmmm... my mom booked a trip to Puerto Vallarta for me and my sister and her... we're gonna stay in a house out there and chill.... and my dad just did the same thing in Cabo but in a bigger house with a few more family members. I think they're at the same time. This is gonna suck. =/
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