Steve Peak (forke) wrote,
Steve Peak

what's the strat?

Last night was Hausle's Bday... so we all went to bars and got way too hammered. Somehow I spent all the cash I had on me, too... which was a lot. My memory is foggy at the second bar. So... I had to work the next day (today)... and I knew the mess I was getting in when we started doing liquid cocaine shots. Apparently, however, I underestimated the strength of my coming hangover which I COULD have avoided if I drank some damn water (but I passed out). So anyway... today was torture at work. I had a first though... it was my first time throwing up in a trash can at work... so I'm pretty stoked about that.

I ALMOST have some very nice new art done for all you people I said I was makin em for. Well... not all of you, yet.

I'm gonna need people to test the site I'm building at soon, too. If anyone has any feedback, please feel free to comment. I could use some input. It's nothing to look at now, though. I won't have it updated for another week or so. At least I got my software working and fixed for the newer server.
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I've never thrown up in a trash can at work, but once I threw up in my roommates trash can because I literally didn't have time to make it accross the room to mine. I was going to take it out but she came back like 5 min later and I thought she would be suspicious if I offered to take out her trash. Thankfully it was mostly water(that I had tried to drink to feel better- too little too alte. Also- I hated her.

A good friend of mine got really drunk a few weeks ago and threw up in a trash can outside on her walk to work, TWICE. The first time she said nobody saw(she walks to work at 7am), and the second time was right near her office. She said a coworker saw, and they ended up in the elevtor together. She said it was the worst, but thankfully he didn't say anything.

Aren't we responsible adults?
"Please enable JavaScript in order to use this application."

Runtime Target: swf7
Application Size: 1.0MB (1,084,526 bytes) Size profile
That sounds like a personal problem!

(browser setting, prolly)
teehee :)

more like browser compatability; dillo has no javascript/java/flash support at all, afaik. Hell, I don't think I have anything that can play flash at all, and honestly I don't miss it.

You bastard! You had me worried there for a second, heh.

What OS are you running? Linux?
debian (testing) gnu/linux
also... I'll look into that. I guess I always figured that Laszlo ported all the java shit to the flash runtimes or something.