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Steve Peak


I'm about as pissed and/or depressed as I've ever been. My lovelife is great. Lisa is a blessing... but my job situation is fucked. It's not that I don't HAVE a job. I have THREE open contracts right now... but all my clients keep stalling payment. Yes, ALL THREE. I mean... I have more than one contract so that if one doesn't pay me, I can be fine... but if they all suddenly don't pay... then I starve. It's been almost FIVE MONTHS NOW WITH NO PAY. I'm owed more than $10,000.00 right now and I have less than $10.00 in the bank. This is completely ridiculous. They keep saying "the check is in the mail" or (today's excuse) "our CEO and CFO are out of the country" ... it doesn't really matter if it's true because they should have been there to sign our check SIX weeks ago when they SHOULD have cut it. I'm so fucking tired of this bullshit. Nobody is honorable anymore... there's no god damn accountability.

You know... I blame Christmas. It's the end of the fiscal year... CEOs are trying to payout X-mas bonuses... everybody gets greedy and everybody gets screwed. I couldn't afford a single X-mas gift. I spent my last few bucks on gas to meet up with my family and had to borrow money to get home. It's fucking sad.

I can't stand this anymore. I'm going insane.
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Well damn. I may make shit freelancin', but at least my clients pay me.

I really gotta drop you an email.
I JUST got paid today. It's been 5 months. I love freelancing and being a "free radical" ... if you will (and you will) ... but that was ridiculous. I check out your site from time to time bu the way. The stuff you're up to is awe-inspiring, Dave. Very cool. You know I always wanted to be a scientist... but I'm not sure that I have the patience. Scientists starve more than artists... so I'll have the help the world another way. :(
for me... a life saver at times... you ever i mean EVER need anything please call me i will help you out... i have a good job now and i would love to help you the way you have helped me in the past!!!
I'm very happy that you and lisa are doing good!!!
I really appreciate it Jenie :)

I'm glad Las Vegas is treating you well, too. very good to see you happy and successful!

I think I'm out of the rut now... and I'm busting my ass to keep it that way. I think 2008 is gonna be MUCH better
Hey i just read this post of yours and i know its been a few months, but i hope things are better for you by now. the ass end of every year, and the first few months of the new year, always seem to suck (at least thats the trend im noticing) everybody gets broke, and then we all wait until April to get our income tax returns in the mail. seems like the united states is the talk of the news in other countrys because of our economic crisis situation. you should post something!
I'm seriously considering taking a job in the bush. Doing science. But in general I oscillate between barely being able to feed myself to being able to support myself, my g/f (meirionwen) and probably a roommate or two. All my attempts to live peacably with other people have failed in some way or other. I lead a boring life, otherwise.

That and I almost have a science degree(computer science major), and I am an internet addict(in particular, reddit.
I am trying to destroy/replace the banking system with the Ripple p2p banking system. If you shoot an email to I'll send you an invite ;)
Hmmm. Seems cool. I like the IDEA of P2P banking but I think making it work is another issue. I read through the FAQ a little bit as well. If you support currency parking, isn't that basically a hole through which one could exploit said currency as valuation fluctuates? Also I'm pretty sure currency parking would be illegal in that context. Legality issues aside, though... because it's a project in the works... Also, please excuse my devil's advocacy.

I kinda want to try it, but only because I hate the banks and would love to see them buried one way or another. Regardless... keep up the good work!
What is currency parking? Google isn't giving me any hints.

There are certainly issues with ripple at the current moment
a) the server side apparently still needs some work; python/django has since released new versions so they probably need to upgrade to that to be up to date. If the server was easier to use, there would be more ripple servers than one. I don't know python/django nor do I have the time to really improve things here.
b) there's not enough people using the one server that is running publically. You probably won't be able to pay your rent with it, due to this reason. Unless you're lucky enough to know someone who uses it(approximately 0.0% chance at this point). But as microsoft has pointed out; we're all 6 or 7 degrees separated from one another; the average person only needs to coordinate 5-6 people together then to get access to at least some ripple functionality. On the other hand, because there's so relatively few of us, it means that that we could probably use more eyes on the code in order for it to be world-class security wise. But that will come with time.

And there are benefits. if the banking system collapses, assuming there's enough internet connectivity, ripple will live on. If ripple gets big enough, assuming there's enough peace, ripple will still be useful even in the event of global internet collapse. And because it's free software, there's a smaller and smaller chance of it dying off as more people use it, and the more networks of currencies that use it as a go-between(such as ithaca hours, etc). It seems there's more and more in the news lately about bank troubles; and so much political strife, and every time I read something like that the more I want to use ripple, just to take power away from the people who are causing the problems(as opposed to giving them more power, as bailouts serve to do).

As far as legal issues, as far as I'm concerned even if ripple is legal(which afaik it is in canada, ymmv elsewhere) it's illegal; because at some point, the banks will change the law to entrench their relative monopoly(goldman sachs in the US)/oligopoly(other countries) position.

Actually, looking back on the past year, I think to myself "why am I not doing more, why am I not organizing more political rallies(like the fair copyright for saskatchewan ones maybe?) or doing whatever else...but then I remember that up until this month I haven't had more than a few days off work where I wasn't super busy with school stuff since *2006* that time I was supposed to have gone for a checkup after my vasectomy(2007), for example, but I just haven't had time. I've had a little break now that classes are over but even that's soon coming to an end. The reason my life is so uninteresting to talk about is because I'm doing so much with it, even if it's seemingly trivial stuff like work...
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