Steve Peak (forke) wrote,
Steve Peak


I'm about as pissed and/or depressed as I've ever been. My lovelife is great. Lisa is a blessing... but my job situation is fucked. It's not that I don't HAVE a job. I have THREE open contracts right now... but all my clients keep stalling payment. Yes, ALL THREE. I mean... I have more than one contract so that if one doesn't pay me, I can be fine... but if they all suddenly don't pay... then I starve. It's been almost FIVE MONTHS NOW WITH NO PAY. I'm owed more than $10,000.00 right now and I have less than $10.00 in the bank. This is completely ridiculous. They keep saying "the check is in the mail" or (today's excuse) "our CEO and CFO are out of the country" ... it doesn't really matter if it's true because they should have been there to sign our check SIX weeks ago when they SHOULD have cut it. I'm so fucking tired of this bullshit. Nobody is honorable anymore... there's no god damn accountability.

You know... I blame Christmas. It's the end of the fiscal year... CEOs are trying to payout X-mas bonuses... everybody gets greedy and everybody gets screwed. I couldn't afford a single X-mas gift. I spent my last few bucks on gas to meet up with my family and had to borrow money to get home. It's fucking sad.

I can't stand this anymore. I'm going insane.
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